About Kristalyn Photography

Kristalyn began taking photographs at a very young age.
She also had an interest in computers, but her camera
was her passion. For years Kristalyn would take
many photographs and not have any idea
what she was doing, but her love and
passion kept her going. Then in
2005 she enrolled in college
and that's when her
passion became
her life.

very little about
cameras and photography
Kristalyn keeps going. Learning as
much as she can along the way, with the help
of many friends and loved ones on her side. Kristalyn
is your average photographer. She doesnt use any special lenses
or equipment, just a steady hand is all. She never learned
how to use all of that gear. And as you will see it's not
what kinda of camera you have, or what special
gear, all you need to do is use your heart
and sight to guide you ...